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Herbal Medicines – Now and Then

Nowadays, surprisingly in every store you will find products with an herbal or natural tag on it. Right from herbal medicines to supplements, just ask for a single natural product and you will see millions of them popping your way out. But when did this craze for herbal products started? It all began with the hype that is been created by the media all over the world. The prime focus in all this was in maintaining a healthy lifestyle coupled with a proper diet. But herbal medication is nothing new to the world. This set of medicine dates back to thousands of years back to the ancient world when our ancestors tried and tested the benefits as well as the efficiency of natural tonics and herbal medicines. It all began in 2800 B.C. as the scientists of that period reportedly performed experiments on human beings to get the desired results of herbal remedies. Now it is the turn of the modern world to experience the healing effect of natural medications.In fact, a major part of the human history is acquired by the wonders of herbal medicine. That is around 5,000 years as per the archeological records. Starting right from that period, herbal or natural medicines have been beneficial in treating a wide variety of health issues. Moreover, herbal medicines can be also used to just improve overall well being and health. With comparatively less side-effects, natural medicines have a lot of other benefits too. It is much more effective and potent than the traditional medicines and that is the reason why people are increasingly opting for alternative medication even though the result may vary from person to person. Herbal medicines depend a lot on the human genetics along with its ingredients working with time. The strength of herbs, with its exposure to air and light and their time of harvest determines their effectiveness.Herbal medicines have curing effects on the following ailments:-• Treats the condition of thyroid• Regulates high blood pressure• Helps to deal with blood clot• Diabetes• Cures epilepsy• Helps to fight with heart diseases• Cures the disease of Parkinson’s• Controls liver problems• Lessens depressions• Glaucoma, inflated prostrates glands and so on.Women, who are pregnant or are still in the nursing stage, must take special care while using herbal products. If you are planning for surgeries like cosmetic or plastic surgery, avoid having them and try herbal skincare or weight loss products as they are comparatively cheaper than the former methods. For such products also, herbal treatment is growing popular by the day. So in order to be in the safe side always remember to conduct an extensive research of the herbal products with an experienced medicine practitioner. Though it has the ability to heal several ailments in much cheaper and cost effective way still everything has its pros and cons.As all herbal medicines are certified and tested by the corporation of FDA or other concerned authority. Sometimes herbal medicines in actuality may cause certain health complications. As such cases are rare because almost all companies test their own products to avoid critical situations and ensure using only beneficial herbs. It is better to consult an herbal medicine practitioner who is the best person to approach in getting proper guidance. If possible try and consult with a general physician as herbal products like a supplement can be easily taken if it does not interfere with your present medication process. So make a smart move by trying herbal products as they are natural and effective and are also known to provide long term benefits if taken in the